Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct and expectations

  • Subscriptions are to be to be paid by the start of term. If you are experiencing financial difficulty please contact your Section leader or Group Scout Leader. All payments to be made via parent portal (OSM) unless otherwise requested by Leader.
  • Emails on OSM to be read and actioned. We will not respond to requests for info already available.
  • Please direct enquiries by email to Leaders outside of meeting start and finish times as we are often too preoccupied with activities to give you full attention.
  • Non attendance 3 weeks in a row will mean forfeit place unless we have been advised of circumstances and agreed to.
  • Uniform to be worn on all occasions unless stipulated by Leader.
  • Permission forms attached to the event on OSM must be completed and handed to a Leader ahead of event we do not accept emailed or texted copies. We cannot accept attendance without these.
  • Any complaints to be directed initially to Section Leader who will then forward to the Group Scout Leader in writing for resolution. These can be then escalated to District Leaders if no resolution can be reached by the Group.
  • Parents will be expected to participate in parent helper rota and fundraising events on occasion.
  • We will not accept bullying in any form. If this occurs your child will be asked to leave the group with no notice.
  • Persistent non adherence to the child’s sections code of conduct (see below) may result in your child being asked to leave the Group although we will try to avoid this if possible.
  • All contact information must be supplied on enrollment onto OSM. We cannot care for your child without relevant contact details and medical information.
  • Our Data protection policy is available on request.
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